• Former creative director of Madden made #1 horse racing mobile game
  • Partnered with Tilting Point for publishing support – focused on UA
  • Photo Finish enters Top 100 Grossing Games chart – revenue increased 32x

Independent mobile game developers today look for flexible publishing services to meet the needs of their games. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to mobile game publishing. Some developers seek help primarily with marketing and promotion, while others also need support in product management, monetization or analytics. Every situation is different. Accordingly, Tilting Point offers a highly flexible and comprehensive variety of services. Our recent partnership with developer Third Time is a great example of how a modern publishing collaboration can unlock the commercial potential of a promising game. In this case, Tilting Point’s user acquisition (UA) and related data management services were instrumental to accelerating the growth of Photo Finish Horse Racing.

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Third Time is a startup studio founded by Ian Cummings, who previously co-founded Row Sham Bow and served as creative director of the Madden franchise at EA. When Ian started Third Time, he set out to tackle a new genre in sports, something different from the big budget pro sports titles he worked on for a decade. Ian chose to take on horse racing and created Photo Finish. Despite being a high quality game with solid metrics, Photo Finish did not reach as many players at launch as Third Time knew it could.  When it became clear they had a great game on their hands that needed help getting players, Ian connected with Tilting Point to take his game’s marketing to the next level.

Tilting Point began running UA campaigns on time for the year’s busiest horse racing season – the Triple Crown. Our goal was to bring sophistication and best practices to the game’s UA efforts. We designed a custom strategy to spend UA dollars as efficiently as possible while growing the player base to new heights. By leveraging revenue and retention data, we avoided fraud and unnecessary spend. Optimizing spend based on deeply segmented channel data made it possible to earn ROI back faster than ever.

“When I finally released Photo Finish into the wild, I immediately realized that I was in way over my head when it came to marketing the game. Despite time spent at Zynga and other free-to-play studios, I still totally underestimated the amount of work and skill needed to make the game stand out in the app stores as well as get discovered by interested players,” said Ian Cummings, founder of Third Time. “I had the luxury of talking with multiple publishers with regards to Photo Finish and ultimately I chose Tilting Point as they had a proven track record of helping independent game developers succeed, and had shown that they had the chops to help studios just like mine solve the problem of getting to the scale necessary to create a successful game.”

Tilting Point was able to increase total daily downloads by 1,300%, with organic installs increasing 623%, while still keeping the Cost Per Install (CPI) low and consistently profitable. Our UA campaigns for Photo Finish achieved positive ROI faster than any previous campaigns for the game. Overall revenue has increased by 32x since our involvement began and the game has moved into the Top 100 Grossing Games charts in 16 countries, including #58 in the UK.  The game’s DAU total has increased by 1,920%. Our partnership allowed the developers to focus on improving the game during its busiest growth spurt while Tilting Point’s experts handled UA.

“The lesson for game developers here is that if your game is not an instant hit at launch, all hope is not lost,” said Samir El Agili, Chief Product Officer of Tilting Point. “In fact most successful games are not instant successes. You have to apply the proper marketing efforts and you need experience with live ops and data analysis in order to have a shot at success with free to play mobile games these days. Our work with Photo Finish shows that good games can still rise in the charts, even after release, with the right team.”

Independent game developers face incredibly high hurdles in the current mobile marketplace. Even exceptional games need assistance to get ahead. An incredible amount of work goes into creating something unique and special like Photo Finish. Games like that deserve the planning, resources, and support that are needed to reach millions of consumers. Every partnership at Tilting Point is custom tailored to meet the specific needs of the developer in order to complement their strengths and help them achieve the full potential of their game. Tilting Point is currently accepting submissions for new and already released games. For more information please visit us here: http://tiltingpoint.com/submit-your-game/

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