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1337 & Senri was founded by Johan Knutzen, Shahrouz Zolfaghari and Anders Hejdenberg; and is best known for creating the critically acclaimed Devil’s Attorney and Dark Nebula 1 & 2. Tilting Point is partnering with 1337 & Senri on Leo’s Fortune.

Quark Games was formed in 2008 and has found success by offering high-quality, hardcore gameplay experiences for mobile devices. Their games, which include Valor and Champs: Battlegrounds, have been downloaded over 50 million times on iOS and Android devices. Tilting Point has partnered with Quark on a multi-game agreement.

Uber Entertainment is an independent video game developer in Kirkland, WA. Founded in 2008 by veteran developers, Uber has become known for its ability to blend amazing technology with innovative gameplay. Tilting Point is partnering with Uber on Toy Rush.

Headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, Housemarque is an independent developer of downloadable games. Housemarque was co-founded in 1995 by Harri Tikkanen and Ilari Kuittinen. Housemarque is known for the Super Stardust series and Outland, and for the upcoming PS4 title Resogun.

Signal Studios was founded by D.R. Albright III, President and Creative Director of Signal Studios, the makers of the hit videogame franchise, Toy Soldiers. Tilting Point is partnering with Signal Studios on The Sleeping Prince and other upcoming titles.

What we look for

Tilting Point’s partners are industry-leading creative visionaries who make a habit of developing high quality hit games. They are highly adaptable and hungry for research-driven feedback. Quality is their priority. If this sounds like your team, Tilting Point wants to help you turn your artistic vision into commercial success.

Getting to the next level

Tilting Point provides the services and support independent developers need to turn great games into hit games.


Tilting Point executes best-in-class user acquisition while capturing mindshare and developing long term branding through marketing and PR.


Tilting Point’s expert product management team utilizes the latest tools and data to develop a winning freemium monetization strategy.


Tilting Point derives insights from industry-leading research firms and data partners, matched with analysis from our exclusive in-house team of market experts.


We support our development partners every step of the way, shouldering the risk of the development budget and adding substantial marketing funds to get your vision and hard work noticed.

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